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Research and Development Support at Touchstone Testing Labs is an important aspect of what we do.  Materials are broadly classified in to structural and nonstructural materials. Some common examples of nonstructural materials are fuels, oils, paints, aromatic compounds, etc. Typical structural materials are metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, etc. With the ever-present demand for energy efficient transport systems, buildings, infra structure, etc., there is a need for development of efficient structural materials. Many small, medium and large corporations are engaged in the material development, specifically structural materials.

Capability – At Touchstone Testing Lab, we have certain capability to support these efforts. We have equipment capability and experience to support development of metallic alloys, composite of metals, ceramic, and polymer matrices. We have small melting and casting facility to produce small casting for further processing. We have two rolling mills, one two high rolling mill with rolling tables to hot roll flat products (6” wide and up to 100“long), one four high rolling mill with a coiler and uncoiler to cold roll strip products (max 6” wide and down to 0.007” thick). We have furnace capabilities to pre heat and homogenize slabs for hot rolling and annealing. We have furnaces to heat treat and temper steel, aluminum, copper, nickel alloys, etc. We have autoclave and conditioning facilities to produce polymer matrix composite laminates. In addition, we have a wide variety of analytical equipment for microstructural characterization, physical, chemical, and mechanical characterization of products in early stages of development.

More details about our Research and Development Support can be found through our relationship with Standard Advanced Products and Services.

Touchstone is committed to providing its customers with quality, reliable test results. That is why we have undertaken the rigorous steps needed to meet and secure the most stringent of test lab accreditations including ISO/IEC 17025, NADCAP 7101 (Materials Test Lab) and NADCAP 7122-I (Non-Metallics Materials Testing).

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