Machining and Fabrication

Typical operation include milling, turning, facing, broaching, sawing, shaping, honing, tapping, etcmachining and fabrication testing procedures.Our Machining and Fabrication center is equipped with both CNC machines and manual machines.  We have capability to machine test samples as well products including testing fixtures and small manufacturing components like steel tools and dies. Typical operation include: milling, turning, facing, broaching, sawing, shaping, honing, tapping, etc. We also can surface finish the samples and products by grinding, polishing, sand blasting, etc. Our engineers and machinists are trained and fully capable of designing test samples and products using standard CAD software like Solid works® and program CNC machines using Mastercam software.

We have experience in machining carbon steels, alloy steels like stainless steels, HSLA, tool steels, etc., aluminum base alloys, titanium base alloys, and exotic metals and alloys like copper base alloys, nickel base alloys, niobium base alloys, PGM, etc. We also have capability to machine engineering plastics like ABS, Nylons, PEEK, PES, etc., as well as regular Polyolefins like PE, PP, PET, etc. We have limited capability to mill and grind ceramic materials and components.

We also have a fabrication facility with regular welding, brazing, and joining equipment for fabricating metallic, polymeric components. We have trained and certified welders to fabricate components and products for prototyping or limited service production applications in our fabrication laboratory. We design and fabricate test frames for customized materials and product testing. Contact us for your machining and fabrication needs.

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