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Analytical Services, Spectroscopy method, elemental analysis, isotope analysis, and molecular analysisAnalytical Services, Spectroscopy method, elemental analysis, isotope analysis, and molecular analysisAnalytical Services involve chemical analysis of materials to understand the chemical makeup of any material. Chemical analysis in turn involves elemental analysis, isotope analysis and molecular analysis. A variety of techniques are used to determine elemental and molecular chemistry of materials. More common is the spectroscopic method, which uses high energy beams such as X-Rays, gamma rays, laser, and microwave and particle beams such as electrons neutrons. Spectroscopy methods are further categorized into emission or absorption spectroscopy. The analyte is irradiated by one of the energy or particle beams and the absorption or emission by the analyte is analyzed and compared to pre-determined reference or standard materials. Other less commonly used methods involve wet chemistry, chromatography, etc. In addition to the chemical makeup of materials, it may be necessary to understand the material structure in terms of phase composition, crystal structure and other thermochemical properties such as heat content. Again the material to be analyzed is irradiated using energy or particle beams, then the diffracted or emitted beams are analyzed for characters unique to individual compounds or phases.

Capability – Touchstone Test Lab uses the following techniques to analyze elemental and molecular make up of materials:

  • Spectroscopic (Energy dispersive analytical X-Ray) technique
  • Inductively couples plasma – optical emission method
  • Colorimetry for determination ionic species in water

In addition, we use the following techniques for constitutional analysis including phase composition and crystal structure:

  • X-Ray diffraction analysis
  • Gas chromatography combined with mass spectroscopy

Some relevant standards:

  • ASTM A751 – Standard Test Methods, Practices, and Terminology for Chemical Analysis of Steel Product
  • ASTM E415 – Standard Test Method for Analysis of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  • ASTM E1251 – Standard Test Method for Analysis of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry
  • ASTM E1505 – Standard Guide for Quantitative Analysis by Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy

Touchstone is committed to providing its customers with quality, reliable test results. That is why we have undertaken the rigorous steps needed to meet and secure the most stringent of test lab accreditations including ISO/IEC 17025, NADCAP 7101 (Materials Test Lab) and NADCAP 7122-I (Non-Metallics Materials Testing).

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