High Temperature Testing

Many products that operate at high temperature like gas turbine blades, rocket nozzles, heat shields for reentry vehicles, etc., need material property data under various loading conditions. Material evolution continues in these areas due to demand for longer service life, high operating temperatures, etc.

At TTL, we have developed in house equipment and capability to test materials at temperature up to 3000F in air, vacuum, inert anoxic (<2pp O2), highly oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. We offer the following tests at sample scale:

  • Tensile test
  • Endurance type fatigue (low and high cycle) tests
  • Fatigue crack growth
  • Fracture toughness tests
  • Creep fatigue interactions
  • Impact tests
  • Physical properties like thermal expansion coefficient

For component scale testing please contact our laboratory for customizing the test equipment and environment.

We have experience in testing:

  • Metallic materials like steels, light alloys like aluminum, magnesium, etc., refractory alloys like nickel, chromium, Niobium, Tungsten alloys.
  • Nonmetallic materials like oxide, carbide, nitride ceramics, cermet, glass and glass ceramics
  • Composites and laminates of metals and polymers

Some relevant standards are:

  • ASTM E21 -Standard test method for elevated temperature tension test
  • ASTM E2714 -Standard test method for creep-fatigue testing
  • ASTM E2760 -Standard test method for creep-fatigue crack growth testing


Touchstone is committed to providing its customers with quality, reliable test results. That is why we have undertaken the rigorous steps needed to meet and secure the most stringent of test lab accreditations including ISO/IEC 17025, NADCAP 7101 (Materials Test Lab) and NADCAP 7122-I (Non-Metallics Materials Testing).

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